IT Service Desk:

IT Service Desk operates as a central point of communication and connect for all requests and concerns in an organization. Users and enterprises encounter a vast range of challenges including the need for quick service, a single point of accountability and the need to be empowered.
Our IT Service Desk provides a user with an informed single point of contact for all IT requirements. We offer multilingual Service Desk Services across the complete spectrum - from basic IT helpdesk to enterprise service desk solutions. This comprises of complete ticket life cycle management, proactive alerts monitoring, IT security and Identity and Access Management..

Application Management Services:

With the consumerization of IT, the delivery and management of applications has become complicated and expensive. The users increased expectations for the applications to work seamlessly on devices of their choice across multi OS environment and various device collection, enterprises need to exhibit the atmosphere to govern complexity in handling multiple formats and managing multiple distribution toolsets.
We equip enterprises with a flexible structure that enables you to calibrate application management services to your IT and business objectives while helping users to focus on the task at hand.
Our services also comprise of Mainframe support, database management, application operation and middleware management.

Managed Security Services:

Essentially Managed Security Services are driven by the need for Cyber security. The focus of security is emerging from reactive response to proactive investigation and management of advanced threats. This boosts the base line through securely adopting new technologies, mitigating cyber threats and regulatory compliance while establishing business value.
We build, install and implement efficient and available round-the clock security infrastructure.Our Managed Security Services encompass security device management and monitoring, vulnerability management, security operations and meeting compliance requirements, security information and event management, and user provisioning and management to address the crucial needs of security enforcement and operations.

Converged Network Services:

A vital technology element to drive business is the amalgamation of Unified Communications & Collaboration.value.
We build an IT Infrastructure to enable seamless communication with inherent convergence capabilities, unified communication, consolidation and optimization to curtail the overall expenses and leverage communication enabled business processes to deliver enhanced experience for end-users, customers and partners.

Enterprise System Management:

There is a distinct need to comprehend the intricacies of the IT environment and ensure that the technology is in line with your business objectives. It is paramount to accomplish operational excellence irrespective of the nature and size of the organization and maximize efficiency to help transform your business through technology.
We offer professional and comprehensive solutions conforming to industry standard frameworks to manage IT infrastructure. Our overtures include consulting, implementation, maintenance and support, and shared services.
Our Service Management framework optimizes the delivery and management of IT Services to achieve a sustainable IT environment with an agenda for enhancing maturity levels.

Transformation Solutions:

Transformation plays a key role in enabling the strategic shift from a technology centric model to a business service model in order to advance innovation and business agility.
Maxzion’s transformation solutions focus on the optimization and transformation of enterprise IT infrastructure through our customer-centric, automated, analytics-led Enterprise Transformation Framework. We identify efficient and cost effective ways to translate your IT resources with minimal effort, along with options to accelerate the adoption of new technology and transformation solutions. These solutions help reduce time-to-market, make IT more proactive, and align IT to business demands.