Tools Design and Development:

We support end-to-end tool design and development at Maxzion for the fixtures, gauges, cutting tools, moulds, lifting aids, transportation aids and test equipment. We also provide consultation on selecting the best suitable tooling for specific operation. With our Industrial expertise engineers enables us to keep track of the latest technologies and trends in tool design. We provide tool design


Cutting tool design and selection Cutting tool design and selection
Inspection gauges Inspection gauges
Jigs and fixtures design Jigs and fixtures design
Testing fixtures Testing fixtures

2D & 3D Modelling Services:

2D CAD drawing Services 2D CAD drawing Services
We offer engineering 2D design documentation complete with GD & T, finishes, process conventions, standard formats, enterprise conventions & good practices & tight integration with 3D models for quick updation of changes. All line styles, line weights, dimension styles & text styles are particularly matched to customer requirements and standards.
2D to 3D 2D to 3D:
Conversion of a 2D paper drawing/AutoCAD drawing / hand-sketch to virtual 3D solid model on engineering CAD Platform.
Legacy Data Conversion (3D) Legacy Data Conversion (3D):
(3D): Converting reference data from previously existing models in form of curves or surfaces to build new models.
Paper-CAD Conversion Services Paper-CAD Conversion Services
We offer complete Paper-to-CAD Conversions and CAD Drafting Services at competitive prices with the precision and quality you can depend on. However easy it may sound, conversion can be difficult. The ability to accurately capture old, smudged and dense information comes only after years of experience and processes which ensure that the output is accurate. Our PDF to DWG Conversions contain genuine circles, arcs, and other AutoCAD entities and are 100% editable within CAD platforms.

NDT Services

Radiographic Testing Radiographic Testing
Ultrasonic Testing Ultrasonic Testing
Magnetic Particle Testing Magnetic Particle Testing
Liquid Penetrant Testing Liquid Penetrant Testing
Remote Visual Testing Remote Visual Testing

On-Site/Offshore Deputation of Engineers:

We provide dedicated staff on Contract and CAD Designers; you can engage a team of professionals that work exclusively on your design or drafting projects at your premises. Our Teams include experienced Engineers & CAD Designers and Support resources. All team members are trained and managed according to your specific requirements
An Engineer can also be engaged to work at our office as per your work shift to take care of project design requirements. Verification of skills by conducting a pilot project & responding to queries on-line for a mutually agreeable fee.
This solution provides a complete back office solution for on-going support or new projects that span 6-24 months. Your team includes all management, hardware, software, and workspace required to serve as an extension of your office.
We offer hire staff experienced CAD designer exclusively working on your project on monthly basis at very competitive rates.

CAD Training [AutoCAD, Solidworks & Pro/E]:

The rapidly growing manufacturing Industries of the developing nations have fuelled growth across all sectors. These sectors are increasingly facing huge shortfall for skilled CAD engineers.
The advancement in CAD technology has seen the rise of many new & few established CAD softwares. Amongst these the established ones are the most trusted by industry for obvious reasons. Each of these established softwares has its own niche & will generally be preferred by sections of industry whose requirements are matched closely by that particular software. We ourselves decided to standardize on AutoCAD, Solidworks & Pro/E for our CAD software training because of the wide ranging capabilities which can be used across most sectors.